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Meet Katrice


Katrice Bailey is a Model, Educator and Investor. Offering models and talent all over the Tri-State area different ways to develop and transform as a model and talent through education.  Her services range from one-on-one sessions, webinars, classes and virtual trainings etc. On subjects such as runway, movement and financial development etc.  

The Katrice Bailey brand is all about the education and advancement of models and talent through the use of their voice and ability to be coached by someone who has done what they intend to do and more.  Guiding and assisting them in creating a name for themselves in the modeling industry and as a self-made entrepreneur.  Coaching them on how to avoid many short falls that come with entering the entertainment industry; as well as how to utilize different platforms that showcases their abilities and personality such as on the Podcast “When Models Talk”.


Walking them through the process of how to be THE BRAND; Katrice specialize in creating opportunities for model & talent to get paid for their services during special events and trade shows etc. Making certain the satisfaction of every client and their guest.  Thank you for choosing

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